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Zoom rolls out end-to-end encryption to other services

E2E encryption had appeared in Zoom following several controversies, including the general level of respect for privacy within the videoconferencing platform, and a series of security breaches.

The deployment of this encryption had started in October 2020, concerning all users and not only those paying a subscription.

It now concerns two other functions. Zoom Phone first, a cloud-based virtual phone service. For the moment, only calls using the same central account are concerned. It will also be necessary to activate encryption during the call by clicking on “More”. Calls will take a few seconds to adapt and the function is (very logically) incompatible with automatic call recording.

Next, Zoom Meetings extends end-to-end encryption to Breakout Rooms, which allow people invited to a meeting to be split into smaller rooms to form subgroups. In this case, each small room will have its own encryption key.

In either case, administrators will need to enable the feature for it to appear in the relevant services.