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ZEvent 2022: The best reactions to “it’s going to flop”

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Better to laugh than to cry, but the controversies that ZeratoR had to face with its ZEvent 2022 left some rather bitter traces, and that’s understandable! Nevertheless, even if gossips said that this year was going to be a flop, it would indeed seem to our greatest relief that they were wrong, and fortunately.

The ZEvent 2022 a flop? Well no !

First, let’s put things in perspective. When ZeratoR announced this 2022 edition of ZEvent, it naturally lifted the veil on all the streamers present. Nevertheless, as every year there are absentees, with this time the non-presence of Amine, Billy, Maghla, Inoxtag, Squeezie, Gotaga or Locklear. Following this, Internet users let off steam on social networks, especially on Twitter, declaring that this year would be a real flop without them, and declaring at the same time that ZeratoR was racist…

Following this, the various streamers took the floor, therefore taking the defense of ZeratoR in order to calm things down, and they did not hesitate to say that it was necessary to give this yeareven if they were not there, and it seems that this year is not bad!

No sooner had the ZEvent 2022 launched at 6 p.m. sharp than the global kitty grouping together all the donations literally flew away. If at the time of writing these lines the million has already been exceeded for a long time (9:30 p.m. on Friday evening), it will only have taken a few minutes to reach 200,000 euros. Following this feat, the official Twitter account of ZEvent could not help but be ironic about the so-called flop.

Streamers have their say, but what a flop this ZEvent (no!)

If viewers are there for donations, streamers are having fun saying that this year is a real flop. Better, some of them have even put hashtags in place in their chat in order to raise the hype or on the contrary, to “raise” the floplike the big one MisterMV. Moreover, the latter can not help saying that this year is a real fiasco… He is obviously joking.

Otherwise, Anthony Daniel, the streamer, not the YouTuberalso does not hesitate to tackle those who could say that this year was going to be catastrophic, and to swing a few small tackles through his works of art (made on paint) shared on Twitter, but also as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Hortywhich is making its very first edition this year, was treated to a welcome tinged with the special humor of Antoine Daniel.

Obviously, we will also note that the passage of the million at 9:30 p.m. this Friday, September 9 had a good taste of victory for our streamers. The ZEvent 2022 a flop? Certainly not !


The ZEvent 2022 was once again historic! The many donors of the charity streaming marathon were well and truly there and broke all records once again. Haters just have to watch out!