YouTube welcomes new design for mobile and desktop apps

VideoYouTube remains one of the world’s leading media delivery platforms in terms of users and daily views, both for those who enjoy its content on smartphones and those who prefer to do so on PCs. It is also thanks to Google, owner of YouTube for several years, which over time has always renewed and updated the platform to make it competitive and in step with the times. Precisely in this context, the new update that YouTube receives regarding the GUI is part of . The redesign affects YouTube’s Android and iOS apps, as well as its desktop version. This is a rearrangement of the buttons for commenting and liking videos, as well as one that shows the number of likes and dislikes. These are now embedded in ellipse-like shapes to be more visible. Ambient mode is also coming, which makes the bottom of the video more cohesive, and the status bar conforms to the background to make the viewing experience more immersive. Ambient mode can be turned on or off from the video’s context menu, one in which the resolution can be customized to understand each other. For the desktop version of YouTube, instead, there’s a new feature for the first comments section of the video, which are now more prominently displayed. The news we just saw on YouTube for mobile and desktop goes through servers around the world. We don’t know if the rollout has already started in Europe as well.