YouTube: up to 10 ads were spotted in a single video (which cannot be skipped)

VideoAs it has been known for some time, when watching videos on YouTube, different types of advertisements appear: usually longer advertisements are displayed at the beginning and end of the video, which can be skipped after 5 seconds, while only within short advertisements may appear over the video for a few seconds (depending on the creator’s preferences). In the past two months, however, several users have complained about an increase in advertising on Google’s video-sharing platform: on Reddit and on Twitter there are posts from users talking about 10 advertisements that cannot be ignored in the video. According to some, ads simply appear more frequently (every 5 minutes on a 30 minute video) than before. Obviously, the case of 10 advertisements in a single video is a rather extreme case: it is in fact much more frequent to see between 5 and 7 interruptions per video, but in any case there is no doubt that the frequency with which the advertisements appear has increased lately.

The good news is that these are always very short ads: YouTube’s Twitter profile has indeed specified that this type of ad is no longer than 6 seconds, so even if 10 ads were to appear, the total duration would be 60 seconds. Despite this, it is very annoying to “get interrupted” so many times while watching content. The definitive solution would be to subscribe to YouTube Premium: among the advantages of this service we also find the possibility of watching the videos of the platform without any advertising, but certainly not many users will be willing to pay a monthly subscription to not not see ads.