You are currently viewing “You’re going to stop yelling at me, now that’s enough!”: the big altercation between Yann Moix and Pascal Praud

“You’re going to stop yelling at me, now that’s enough!”: the big altercation between Yann Moix and Pascal Praud

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Definitely, we never get bored in the show “L’heure des pros” on CNews. Known for its clashes and rants of all kinds, the show this time pitted Pascal Praud against Yann Moix. During a sequence, we see Eric Zemmour strongly criticize the nuclear strategy of France and Europe. After the speech of the politician of “Reconquest”, the host asks the question to his columnists: “Who will dispute this observation?”

It is at this time that the former resident of the show “We are not lying” speaks, explaining that he does not agree. “He’s right about nuclear power and he automatically proves himself wrong by going back to his old anti-European fads. It’s absurd, he’s shooting himself in the foot all by himself,” he explained. Which did not please Pascal Praud at all. “Frankly, we have to stop talking. In fact, he doesn’t say that. He says that if we had a French nuclear strategy, we wouldn’t be here. Who will dispute that?”, he continues in a vehement tone. . “You are in the wall and you continue!”

Annoyed, the writer then stepped up to the plate. “I didn’t come here to be yelled at, okay? You’re going to stop yelling at me! I’m not a Zemmourian, I’m not a Zemmourologist. I didn’t come here to advertise Eric Zemmour. You stop yelling at me!” Often interrupted, he also let go that he “couldn’t finish a sentence on this show”.

After a few minutes of a somewhat heavy atmosphere on the set, Pascal Praud wanted to calm the atmosphere. “Yann, frankly, I’m not yelling at you. Above all, given the friendly relations I have with you, it’s not good to put me in trouble like that.”

A shouting match that did not disturb Yann Moix unduly. “But I only argue with the people I love, me,” says the writer of the film Podium. Before then apologizing: “No one asked me to do it. But I must say that in life you are a delicious man (…) when I have been in delicate situations you have always been there for me. And I don’t think viewers, to whom I also apologize, watch this show to hear people yelling at each other. I was wrong. You are amazing. In the name of our friendship, I tell you that you are a man that I love, that I respect and that it was a shouting match of debate, but in no way an attack on the personal man, that I appreciate.

All’s well that ends well between these two media men with strong character.