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Your fire insurance will cost you more from next January

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Your fire insurance will jump by more than 10% from January. The cost of materials but also the increase in natural disasters inflate the bill.

From next January, the fire insurance premium will be indexed. Last year, a previous increase of 5% was applied. In 2023, the increase will be 10.8%. This is the highest increase recorded. And this is not without consequences: more and more people are finding it difficult to pay their insurance.

“The statement of monthly outstanding payments increases from month to month, from year to year. It’s more and more difficult. We have to manage it day by day and be able to have a dialogue with customers to try that they are when even on the cover even if they have financial difficulties”, says Philippe Denoël, insurance broker.

Concretely, if you currently pay an annual premium of €600 to insure your house, you will have to pay an additional €66 each month from 2023. “Unfortunately, with the economic situation, these are things that will happen. People may have to make sacrifices in their insurance contract and reduce or remove certain coverage”, prepeats Philippe Denoel.