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Yamaha unveils its new 2023 YZ450F


Lighter, faster, more manageable and easier to ride… The Yamaha YZ450F has been the focus of attention this year with the engineers of the brand with three tuning forks. The Blues have just lifted the veil on a 2023 model that has been completely revised from the spearhead of their cross-country range.

Yamaha has just unveiled the first photos and the first info about the 2023 vintage of the YZ450F. The machine is evolving on all levels and is one of the great novelties of next season. The new, more ergonomic trim is obvious, but it is not the only novelty on the big Yam since the engine, which is lighter and more powerful, and the chassis, completely redesigned to be lighter and to offer superior maneuverability to the machine, are also new.

In the USA as in Europe, the Yamaha 450 shines on the various championships this season. The 2023 model benefits from numerous developments resulting from competition at the highest level. It thus displays only 109 kilos on the scale when fully fueled (i.e. 2.3 kg less than the current model) while its engine displays a power 5% higher than its predecessor. It also takes 500 rpm more.

The suspensions are also evolving, while in terms of electronics, there is a new 3-position traction control system, an improved “Launch Control” system or even a new, more intuitive version of the Power Tuner application which allows you to configure your motor from your smartphone. It now includes a “Quick Tuning” mode that offers a series of predefined configurations that allow you to change the behavior of your machine in just a few seconds.

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