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Xbox updates noise suppression in its group voice chats

PARIS, Sept. 7 (Benin News / EP) –

Microsoft announced a new update in Xbox which promises to remove unwanted background noise, such as other members’ breathing and button sounds, in group voice chats.

The Redmond company has introduced this feature in the new version of the Xbox operating system, the 10.0.22621.1836as explained in a statement on its website.

Microsoft clarified that noise cancellation allows headset users to isolate themselves more during online multiplayer sessions. It will cancel unwanted sounds, like breathing, buttons being pressed by other members of a chat group or other background noise.

The tech company has already rolled out this new feature for Xbox S and X Series users. Microsoft also said it’s on by default, but players have the option to turn it off if they want.


The new Xbox OS update also added another new feature. In this case, it allows a user’s friends to join their gaming session from a PC or mobile device from a screenshot or clip.

This is made possible by Microsoft’s cloud gaming, Xbox Cloud Gamingwhich will run directly in the user’s browser when they click on a video clip or screenshot of a title that a friend has shared with them.

Microsoft has made it clear that in order to play certain games in the cloud, you will need to first subscribe to Xbox Game Pass UltimateXbox Game Pass Ultimate, the final stage of its monthly service.