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Xbox Series X: the console back in stock in Belgium for the start of the school year

The Xbox Series X is back in stock at Fnac – Unsplash

Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s most powerful console

It will be almost two years since the Xbox Series X arrived on the Belgian market. Does that seem strange to you? It’s normal. You’ve probably spent more time chasing the console than enjoying the games. And for good reason, like the competing PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X is the victim of an unusual shortage. Covid, lack of microdrivers, there are many reasons for the lack of Xbox Series X. The little stock that comes to market is directly taken by storm, which explains why the home console is a rare commodity.

The graphics are impressive in 4K. The SSD has been improved and the loading time considerably reduced. The processing power of 12 teraflops makes the difference and has a lot to do with the power of the console. Xbox Series X is deeply immersive with 3D spatial sound that puts you right in the middle of the action. This console is appreciated for its Game Pass, the name of the platform which provides access to many streaming games. Do you dream of discovering Halo Infinite Campaign or of shining on the fields of FIFA 22? These prestige video games are on Game Pass Xbox!

Where to buy an Xbox Series X in Belgium?

Today, the Xbox Series X is making a comeback at Fnac. Stocks always come and go in small quantities, which explains why they go quickly. The console is displayed at 577 € and is sold by Dynamic Digital. This professional seller has already made more than 1350 sales and has received a 4.5 star rating. Hurry to buy your Xbox Series X console before it goes out of stock again!

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