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Xavier Bettel: The government wants to “cap energy prices”

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The government, trade unions and employers met this Sunday to begin a tripartite of the greatest importance. On the agenda: the next index tranches, inflation and energy prices.

It was in a very tense context that members of the government, union representatives and employers gathered at Senningen Castle on Sunday from 2 p.m.

And while we weren’t necessarily expecting announcements from the first day of negotiations, the Prime Minister stepped up to announce “government priority“on Sunday night.

In a message posted on social networks, Xavier Bettel spoke of “constructive discussions“with the social partners and confirmed our information by announcing that we want”cap energy prices“.

“We have proposed measures to the social partners to keep energy prices down for citizens and businesses. Capping energy prices is a measure that can help people quickly and directly” , he said to the RTL microphone.

A measure inspired by the tariff shield which has proven itself in recent months since it has helped to contain the rise in inflation in France. The Luxembourg government therefore intends to tackle inflation directly. “It will benefit everyone“he affirmed Sunday evening at the castle of Senningen.

This is in line with the demands of the OGBL, which was precisely asking that the prices be “limits“. Remember, however, that no agreement has been reached for the moment and that the government, employers and unions will meet again today and tomorrow to continue their negotiations.


The last time the social partners met, the negotiations had resulted on a controversial agreement including aids such as energy tax credit but also the postponement of the second index tranche due to the employees of the country. This last measure had also led the OGBL to boycott the agreement and then to demonstrate in the streets of the Luxembourg capital.

The Prime Minister has also launched an appeal to “keep an open mind” upstream of this tripartite which must last until Tuesday, at least. Xavier Bettel has already promised of the “palpable measures” to relieve the wallet of the residents as well as the finances of the country’s businesses.

Members of the government met last Friday to take stock of the country’s finances. A crucial meeting to determine “how far Luxembourg can go“to help employees and businesses in the country announced the Prime Minister at a press conference.

Remember that according to Statec estimates, inflation could trigger up to four index brackets in the coming months. Inflation fueled mainly by the explosion of energy prices. This will also be one of the high points of the negotiations which will begin this Sunday at 2 p.m.

The Luxembourg government has hinted, through the voice of its Prime Minister, that the next indexes could not “just be offbeat”. The politician also underlined the fact that companies, also impacted by the explosion in energy prices, could not bear the financial weight of a succession of index tranches.

This is why other alternatives will have to be explored.