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WWE RAW: Brock Lesnar is back

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Brock Lesnar returned on the October 10, 2022 edition of WWE RAW to attack Bobby Lashley!

Lesnar had been absent from WWE since his loss at SummerSlam 2022 to Roman Reigns and there had been no news of the Stupid. He was discreet on social networks as usual and we also had no rumors about him.

Eventually, he made his comeback to smash Lashley with his finisher streak before leaving. Which opened the door for Seth Rollins to show up in the ring for his match for the United States Championship and defeated Lashley with a stomp for the three count. Seth Rollins becoming the new United States Champion thanks to Lesnar in addition to now being a two-time Grand Slam Champion, which evens out Miz’s performance from last year.

A return from Lesnar which is on the road to Saudi Arabia. We must not forget that WWE will present Crown Jewel on November 5, 2022. An event that could see Brock Lesnar return to the ring since the show has a large budget.

Lesnar-Lashley at Crown Jewel 2022? For now, we only know that Bobby Lashley invited him to RAW next Monday for a confrontation.

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