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WWE announces it, Triple H is BACK!

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We told you about it exactly a month ago, Triple H had declared during a visit to the Performance Center that he was “back”. Today, WWE confirms it: The Game is BACK!

Thus, the American wrestling company has just announced through a press release that Preal name aul Levesque resumes his role as Executive Vice President of Talent Relations today. This is the role that John Laurinaitis had until the explosion of the Vince McMahon affair in which he is involved. Laurinaitis was replaced by Bruce Prichard on a temporary basis last month.

In the statement, Triple H said he was “looking forward to returning to his position as head of talent relations.” He is “healthy, warm and ready to take matters into his own hands.” On Twitter, the former WWE Champion said he was “proud and honored to work with the best talent in the world.”

Remember that Stephanie McMahon – his spouse – is currently WWE Chairman acting during the investigation of his father, Vince. The couple thus takes a very important place within the federation! According to WrestleVotes, many people at WWE Headquarters are happy about this news.

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