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WoW Dragonflight Mythic Plus Season 1 Dungeons: The List Has Been Revealed

We had learned about the new Mythic plus dungeon rotation system in Dragonflight. The eight dungeons of season 1 have been revealed.

World of Warcraft Dragonflight is the next expansion of Blizzard’s MMORPG. The extension does not yet have official launch date. It is already possible to play game beta. In the meantime, you can still enjoy Wrath of the Lich King Classic which lands on the official servers at the end of the month.

Many new features are expected by players with Dragonflight. Obviously, the raids will always be present and the dungeons, with the mythic plus mode will also be part of it. However, a small novelty was announced for dungeons available in m+ during WoW Dragonflight seasons.

What will be the mythic + dungeons of Dragonflight season 1

If you didn’t already know, for Dragonflight, the dungeons available in Mythic Plus Seasons will not be the same. From one season to another, a rotation will be carried out to ensure diversity for the players. Initially, it will be possible to play in mythic plus in new dungeons but also in dungeons from previous expansions. The list of eight dungeons of the season 1 has recently revealed:

  • Court of Stars (Legion)
  • Temple of the Jade Serpent (Mist of Pandaria)
  • Azure Vault (Dragonflight)
  • The Nokhud Offensive (Dragonflight)
  • Pools of Ruby Essence (Dragonflight)
  • Taz’Algeth Academy (Dragonflight)
  • Shadowmoon Tomb (Warlords of Draenor)
  • Halls of Valor (Legion)

Thus, 4 new Dragonflight dungeons will be available with 2 Legion dungeons, 1 Mist of Pandaria dungeon and 1 Warlords of Draenor dungeon. If some are disappointed not to have the 8 dungeons of Dragonflight from the start, they will certainly be integrated into the next seasons. Moreover, Dragonflight should not only have 8 dungeons, but many others, like Legion.

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Published on 09/16/2022 at 16:22

By DinoG