You are currently viewing Wounded Servants Warrior Deck on Murder at Castle Nathria, the new Hearthstone expansion

Wounded Servants Warrior Deck on Murder at Castle Nathria, the new Hearthstone expansion

What is the best Warrior deck to play for the release of Murder at Castle Nathria on Hearthstone? Here is a theorycraft decklist Warrior Wounded Minions midrange.

With the arrival of Murder at Castle Nathria, Hearthstone is enriched with no less than 135 new cards. With the new Imbue mechanic and Locations, a new type of card, the game’s meta should change a lot, especially for the Warrior.

We present here a theorycraft decklist for the Injured Servants Warrior to try at the exit of Meutre au Château Nathria, the new extension of Hearthstone.

What is the best Warrior deck for Murder at Castle Nathria on Hearthstone?

With the reveal of Hearthstone’s 135 new cards, players have theorycrafting decks to try out when the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion releases. This Warrior deck has great potential that will be confirmed when the meta is more stable.


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(Source: KYLESAL 13/ Hearthstone Top Decks)

Gameplay of Injured Servants Warrior

The warrior is back with the mechanic to hurt his minions to strengthen them and make them more powerful. In an explosive version, this deck will allow you to surprise your opponent and quickly threaten him if he does not manage absolutely all your minions.

Here’s how the game plan breaks down:

  • Mulligan / Early Game : You will mainly want to draw at the start of the game. So theAcolyte of Suffering (Acolyte of Pain) is a great card to cycle your deck. The armor maker (Armorsmith) holds up well against aggressive decks.
  • mid-game : In the middle game, the Imbued Ax (Imbued Axe) and the new Location: Sanguine Depths (Sanguine Depths) will allow you to activate your various synergies of wounded minions and to give rhythm to the game.
  • Late Game : The endgame is going to be a lot of fun and open up a lot of possibilities for you, whether it’s with Remornia, Living Blade (Remornia, Living Blade) or Grommash Hellscream (Grommash Hellscream) who can put constant pressure and finish your opponent. The deck really relies on surprise and the ability to end the game quickly.

As a reminder, Murder at Castle Nathria is available on Hearthstone on August 2, 2022.