You are currently viewing World Mental Health Day: Mobile games to fight anxiety to download – Palestina Liberation 🇫🇷

World Mental Health Day: Mobile games to fight anxiety to download – Palestina Liberation 🇫🇷

We all agree that the situation has been difficult for people around the world and we can still feel the effects of the pandemic even though it has subsided. Many are still picking up the pieces. There are also those who already suffered from anxiety before the pandemic and recent events have added to this.

There are different ways to deal with the discomfort you feel. Some meditate, others distract themselves with hobbies, and still others simply get rid of them. Of course, you can always resort to games available to anyone with a phone. Here are some game suggestions that might help reduce your anxiety.

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go rose to meteoric fame from the moment it launched. Unfortunately, the craze didn’t last long. That doesn’t mean you can’t play it anymore. Not only is it a blast from the past for those who have played it before, but it also encourages its user to explore the outside world in order to play the game.

A little fresh air and an open space should relax the mind and let it refresh. Generally, a change of scenery prompts the mind to think about something other than what makes the person anxious. Also, imagine the feeling of happiness when you find a Pokemon.

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candy Crush

Yes, Candy Crush is considered a game played by middle-aged people, but that’s not true at all. The game is good for all ages, and it is also very relaxing. You can spend your time matching candies in threes, fours, or fives until you reach a certain goal.

You won’t be able to deny the feeling of accomplishment once you complete a game after all the brain power you put into strategy to figure out which candy to crush.


The principle of this game is to find words using a set of letters in a circle. The good thing is that it not only relaxes your mind, it also sharpens it. As you try to find the words in an anagram, you’re getting the cogs in your brain working, and a surge of joy hormones each time you complete a level will counteract your anxiety.


There’s something satisfying about perfectly stacking blocks upon blocks. Don’t ask us why, that’s how it is. Tetris brings back many memories for several generations because it is a classic game.

As the game progresses, the rate at which blocks fall starts to increase, and with that, our attention to it increases, leaving little room for other things like worries and fear. ‘anxiety. It was even mentioned on that Tetris is used in “clinical settings to help treat the symptoms of PTSD,” which is pretty neat.

My Oasis: Relaxation and Satisfaction

If your idea of ​​a relaxing game doesn’t include puzzles or physical activity, then My Oasis is perfect. This is an idle-clicker type game where all you have to do is collect hearts to get various animals like fox, deer, elephant, giraffe, penguin and whale to complete your oasis. The background music also allows for peaceful and relaxing play.

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