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World Cup in Qatar: Dan Gagnon shoots RTBF in his column on Tipik (video)

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The Canadian-Belgian comedian did not go out of his way with his employer during his column on Tipik on Monday.

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The organization of the World Cup in Qatar has caused a lot of ink to flow, especially in recent weeks, with the approach of the first matches in November. Many Belgian municipalities, including all those in Brussels, have already announced that they will not install a screen to broadcast the matches. Calls for a boycott are launched, to protest against the ecological aberration represented by the organization of the World Cup in Qatar and against the inhuman working conditions of those who built the stadiums. According to The Guardian, 6,500 workers died during the construction.

In this tense context, Canadian-Belgian comedian Dan Gagnon has decided to devote his weekly column on Tipik to the World Cup. And he did not hesitate to tackle the RTBF, his employer and official broadcaster of the competition.

I wondered if it was inappropriate for me to talk about it here. Then I said to myself ‘If for the RTBF, 6500 deaths, that passes, then I have the margin. I could still kill 6499 people and come back on air next week, easy! “, launched Dan Gagnon, under the embarrassed laughter of the animators of the Réveil de Tipik.

More seriously, I laugh with it because I know there is no discomfort. RTBF fully assumes its choice “, continued the comedian, before stating and ridiculing the justifications of the RTBF in relation to the maintenance of the broadcasting of the matches.

Argument 1: it responds to a request from the public. And that’s true. The public is always right. Me, for example, I sell heroin and it’s a hit […] Argument 2: if we don’t broadcast the World Cup, others will anyway. Exactly ! That’s what I’ve been saying with heroin for years: if anyone’s gonna make money with it, I’d rather it was me. “, quipped Dan Gagnon, then revealing his” preferred argument » : to broadcast is not to condone. ” And we forget that. Just because you buy the rights, broadcast the matches and sell ads during the matches, doesn’t mean you agree with everything Qatar does. Moreover, few people know it, but for each euro touched by the RTBF, a good thought is donated to Amnesty International […] Apparently, we can diffuse everything, on the condition of saying afterwards ‘What you have just seen is bad’ “.

It’s not by making the fans feel guilty that we’re going to change anything. It’s by putting pressure on those who denounce with one hand and collect the dough with the other “, he concluded, while his colleagues on the set gave him a “ It was a pleasure to know you ” joking.

For those who were listening to Le Réveil de Tipik yesterday morning, I’m giving you some news today to tell you about my last 24 hours “wrote Dan Gagnon the next morning with humor on his Facebook wall, then thanking all those who shared his spicy column.

RTBF, for its part, did not react publicly to the extract.