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Woluwe-Saint-Lambert sells its listed Lindekemale mill: auctions start at 1.8 million euros

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It is one of the oldest watermills in the Brussels Region. The Lindekemale mill in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert is for sale: this is what the municipality, owner of the property since 1955, has decided. This is a public sale organized by a notary whose starting price is set at 1.8 million euros . Located atVenue Jean-François Debecker 6, along the Woluwe river and the boulevard of the same name, the mill has been a listed property since 1989, in particular because of the presence of the wheel of the old water mill.

Since the 12th century

The origins of the building date back to the 12th century. “The Lindekemale mill is mentioned for the first time in 1129, which makes it one of the oldest known water mills in the Brussels Region“, reminds the commune of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert on its official website. “In the course of the 12th century, various members of the seigniorial family of Woluwe ceded it to the Norbertine Abbey of Park (Heverlee, near Louvain). Always a grain mill, it also made paper in the 19th century.

At the time, its owner was called Jean Devis who was none other than the mayor of the town, between 1819 and 1860. In addition to flour and paper, the mill also produced chicory and coffee.

An old restaurant

When the municipality buys the property, it will be transformed, in the mid-1960s, in a restaurant. An address known to Woluweans who enjoyed eating gourmet dishes on the water. An address taken up just before the passage of the new millennium by the Wilkin brothers (“Relais de la Woluwe”) in the form of an emphyteusis.

In 2021, the municipality decides to overhaul the emphyteusis and search forCandidate tenants to resume operation. “the new project must be related with the operation of a restaurant/café. The municipality excludes exclusively dancing or musical entertainment projects, games room and activities contrary to morality“, noted the opinion of the municipality.

It is an exceptional building. You need to have a shot heart

But the call did not meet expectations. “No satisfactory application meeting the specifications“, explains Olivier Maingain (DéFI), mayor of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. “Reflection made, given the investments to be made in the building“, the college then makes the decision to put the property up for sale.”It is an exceptional building. You have to have a crush.“Not to mention that the authorities, after the Covid crisis, need new financial capacities to launch their own investment projects.