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With the Volkswagen Gen.Travel, take the electric car rather than the plane

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The Gen.Travel is a fully autonomous electric shuttle. According to the Volkswagen group, this car can replace the plane on short trips.

Attention, let’s be precise: this is not a Volkswagen. This concept car does not bear the logo of the German brand, it is presented under the name of the group. This style study thus shows the vision of the mobility of the future for all of the VW brands.

This mobility of the future is of course electric, even if the technical details of the Gen.Travel are not known. The important thing here is the autonomous aspect, and the prospects that this gives for the design of the cars of the next decade.

With a silhouette halfway between a sedan and a minivan, the Gen.Travel is designed as an autonomous shuttle. According to the VW group, it will pose as an alternative to short-haul aircraft. The advantage of the car is to make a door-to-door trip, without going through an airport. The vehicle can operate in convoy.

The Gen.Travel can carry four people in a cabin bathed in light. The upper part is a glass bubble, which seems to rest on the rest of the bodywork. Passengers will therefore fully enjoy the view during a journey where they do not have to worry about driving.

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With the Volkswagen Gen.Travel, take the electric car rather than the plane

This concept indeed promises level 5 autonomous driving, the highest level. There is no steering wheel or pedal inside. You can then take full advantage of the journey to relax, rest… or work, since a table can be unfolded in the center for a “business” configuration.

A night configuration makes it possible to transform two seats into a bed. An integrated lighting system will play on the occupants’ melatonin production, to help them fall asleep and wake up. Access is via two large butterfly doors. To ensure comfort, the model receives an intelligent suspension which will take into account the movements generated by acceleration, braking, turns…

This futuristic machine will be unveiled for the first time in France, on the occasion of the Chantilly Concours d’Élégance, on Sunday September 25 (where there will also be the Renault 5 Turbo 3E).