Windows 11 Update Changes: What Are “Moments”

WindowsLet’s go back to Windows 11, the latest version of Microsoft’s popular operating system that launched last year and is growing steadily. Indeed, a new big update is on the horizon, one year after the release of the first stable build of Windows 11. The update we are talking about should introduce Windows 11 22H2 during this month of September. We’re not sure of the name yet, in fact, it could also be Windows 11 2022 or Windows 11 Version 2022. What is certain is that it will include several novelties . Among these should be the new File Explorer , further revised by Microsoft after the big renewal carried out with the release of the first version of Windows 11, and the new Suggested Actions , or commands and shortcuts automatically suggested by the system according to recognition of names and dates associated with files.

Over the past few hours, leakers Albacore and Xeno, who follow Windows development closely, have highlighted how Microsoft is also preparing for the release of interim updates. These would be identified by the term Moment and could correspond to updates after the classic fall update, generally characterized by major novelties. Microsoft has indeed planned two Moment updates, and the first (build 228xx) should be released at the beginning of October, while the first build of Windows 11 22H2 should arrive for September 20. Instant updates will be those in which Microsoft activates feature packages already included in Windows 11 but not yet active due to their immaturity, as could happen for the news mentioned above. Moment’s second update (build 229xx) hasn’t been given a release date yet, but it could easily point to next year.