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Windows 11: the latest build adds several features but does not fix this umpteenth bug of 22H2

The launch of Windows 11 22H2 was hectic to say the least, with a number of bugs that spoiled the party for users. And it’s obviously not over, since a new problem has just appeared, which has not yet been resolved even in the latest build of the operating system.

Windows 11 22H2 now deployed, Microsoft can now focus on the next updates. It’s done with build 22621, available in Preview for Insiders members. This adds a total of three major features to the operating system, of which only two are available in France. The third, titled Suggested Actions, is currently only available in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

This makes it possible to obtain shortcuts when a text is copied. For example, if the user copies a phone number, Windows 11 will offer him to make a call via Teams. For a date, he will be offered to add an event to his calendar, etc. File Explorer also gets a few improvements, like the ability to pin folders and files to the home page, view recent changes on OneDrive, and finally, personality options for Microsoft 365 users. .

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Microsoft has yet to fix this annoying Windows 11 22H2 bug

Finally, Microsoft has added its new taskbar to this build, which announces a very soon arrival for the general public. To all this is added about thirty fixes for bugs reported to the Redmond firm. Nevertheless, there are some that have not yet been managed by the editor and, for once, this is a new bug in version 22H2. The latter has given users a lot of trouble since its deployment, even going so far as to cause blue screens of death for some.

This new bug therefore drastically drops the speed of file transfer between two PCs. Note that the problem does not appear when the files in question are transferred to a PC that is not on Windows 11 22H2. For now, there is only one solution that is aimed at the most experienced users. For others, we will have to wait for a next update. Microsoft has its work cut out for the weeks to come.

Source: TechRadar