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Windows 11: a rounded taskbar and a PC Game Pass widget

The Windows 11 Insider Preview Dev Channel continues to receive new features. The PC Game Pass has the right to a new widget and the taskbar changes its appearance for some users.

Microsoft’s Insider Preview program allows you to preview the new features prepared by the publisher for Windows 11. build 25174 in the Dev channel adds some cool stuff.

A widget for PC Game Pass

Since the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft has been trying to highlight widgets, a new menu that provides quick access to some application functions. With this build, Windows 11 adds an official widget for PC Game Pass.

PC Game Pass Widget Windows 11
The PC Game Pass Widget

Enough to monitor the latest additions to the service catalog, but also the games that will soon leave the subscription and some categories put forward by the firm. Eventually, Microsoft would like to make it easy to resume your game directly with one click from the widget.

A rounded taskbar

That’s a change you won’t find listed in Microsoft’s announcement. Users discovered a change in development for the taskbar. A slight change in design that adds curves to the taskbar. Here is a screenshot shared on Reddit.

Windows 11 round taskbar
The taskbar gains roundness // Source: u/caipira113

If you focus your attention on the left or right side of the taskbar, you’ll notice that it no longer reaches the end of the screen. Instead, it adopts rounded corners that are more harmonious with the windows of the system. A change that will certainly not be to everyone’s taste. Reason why Microsoft has not yet communicated on it. This kind of change can often be abandoned during their development.

Small improvements for the file explorer

In June, Microsoft added tabs to the Windows 11 File Explorer. The firm is tweaking this change a bit with some interesting additions. For example, it is now possible to click with the wheel to open a new tab, like on a web browser. The build also includes many bug fixes for the file explorer.

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