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Windows 11: 22H2 update may block Windows Hello authentication

Windows 11 22H2 update may prevent authenticating to the operating system using a PIN, fingerprint, or facial recognition.

Microsoft has just halted the rollout of Windows 11 Update 2022 (also known as 22H2) to some machines. Indeed, the publisher has just noticed that this update can make Windows Hello, the authentication system, inoperable. This system allows authentication by a PIN code, facial recognition or by using fingerprints. After the update, users may no longer be able to use these processes and must go through the traditional password.

Microsoft says this issue only affects people who first enabled Windows Hello and then installed the 22H2 update. However, it should not occur if you enable Windows Hello after installing the update. The publisher recommends not to attempt to manually update the operating system to version 22H2 and wait for it to be offered by Windows Update.

Also, it is already possible to fix the bug by installing the optional cumulative update KB5017389, or wait for the October cumulative update, which should be available in the next few hours.

Major Windows updates are not without potential side effects and that of Windows 11 is no exception to the rule. The most serious caused significant drops in performance with GeForce graphics cards and Nvidia quickly had to intervene to modify its drivers accordingly to fix the problem. Another bug: delays when copying large files (greater than 1 GB). This bug was mainly observed during network copying with the SMB protocol, but also locally. Microsoft states on its support page:

“Copying large files of several gigabytes (GB) may take longer than expected to complete on Windows 11, version 22H2. You are most likely to encounter this issue when copying files to Windows 11, version 22H2 from a network share via Server Message Block (SMB), but local file copying may also be affected. »

Some network printers have also been victims of the Windows 11 22H2 update. Models using Microsoft IPP Class Driver or Universal Print Class Driver have lost some of their functions after the update, for example the activation color, choice of paper size, and double-sided printing. Microsoft recommended uninstalling the affected drivers before performing the update.

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