You are currently viewing Windows 10, Microsoft is rolling out two new “Windows 11” features!  – GinjFo

Windows 10, Microsoft is rolling out two new “Windows 11” features! – GinjFo

Windows 10 is enriched with two new features. They are not unknown since they come from its big brother Windows 11. They concern printing and notifications.

During the presentation of Windows 11 Microsoft had promised that Windows 10 would remain relevant. The operating system will be supported until 2025 while its 2022 feature update aka 22H2 is currently in final testing. In addition Redmond referred to an “expanded set of features”.

In the meantime, to know a little more Windows 10 benefits from a new feature. She touches the print. It is not unknown since it is a “plus” offered by Windows 11. This choice by Microsoft to offer certain Windows 11 features to Windows 10 is intended to facilitate migration.

Windows 11 – Printing with pin code / Credit: Alan Meeus

What’s new is the ability to add a PIN code to a print job. This PIN helps prevent duplicate logins and incorrect printing. At the same time it can reduce paper and toner waste. At the same time, it works to make printing a little more secure by improving confidentiality, particularly in a multi-printer environment.

For businesses, Microsoft is also adding support for the Print Support App (PSA) platform to Windows 10.

This was all discovered while installing KB5014666. Targeting PCs registered on the Release Preview channel, it allows the operating system to evolve to version 19044.1806. Note that this update adds another novelty. It allows you to receive important notifications when the “Do not disturb” mode of Windows 10 is activated. This is also an advancement available in Windows 11.

Windows 10 22H2

Microsoft plans to launch Windows 10 22H2 in the coming months. This update will offer minor improvements mainly aimed at businesses. The OS should come as no surprise if you follow its development closely.

For the moment Redmond has remained discreet about his progress. Although available for testing via the Insider program, no “official” review is yet available. To test it you can get it by joining the Windows Insider program.