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Will Google Doc replace Tinder and Co as a dating app?

Out of boredom, out of a desire to meet real people or out of curiosity, who hasn’t thought that they would get on Tinder? If the application has good sides, it also has problematic aspects such as opaque algorithms, ghosting or even one-night stands. To counteract this, some have decided to go back to something much more transparent, going through Google Doc.

Love on Google Doc

This is how on August 30, Chris Olah shared on his Twitter account a document entitled “Date me”, in which he transmits a series of information about him, accompanied by several photos. In total, the document still contains seven pages, including his political convictions, his character traits or his centers of interest.

And Chris isn’t the only one who’s decided to ditch dating apps in favor of those romance resumes. Many users share their profile via Google Doc. If we cannot yet speak of a real trend, reflection seems to be making its way for many people. Catherine Olsson, who has tried the experiment, says she’s not sure it helps people find love at a time when things are going so fast on the web.

Other ways

Google Doc isn’t the only way to get back to simpler dating experiences. Instagram accounts like @wicul_, which value caring in relationships, regularly post resumes of ass, people who want to meet someone for relationships, sex, or even friendships. It is therefore possible to explore other means than Tinder to meet a soul mate.