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Why Your Samsung Phone Battery Could Explode Anytime

Samsung finds itself in the hot seat as several well-known Youtubers in the tech world have noticed significant problems with the batteries of the brand’s phones. The batteries of their old, unused models have started to swell and are in danger of exploding.

The specter of the famous Galaxy Note 7 phone resurfaces at Samsung. It will be remembered that this phone sadly made headlines in 2016 because of its overheating and exploding battery.

However, the cause is quite different today, but the problem remains the same, the batteries of Samsung phones would be at risk of exploding.

These are Youtubers who are sounding the alarm after seeing the batteries of their old Samsung phones swell and break the shell of their device.

Samsung batteries still in trouble

It was first YouTuber Arun Maini who shared his discovery on Twitter in July 2022, when three of his Samsung phones had their batteries swell. The latter thought it was due to the heat wave in England.

The latter contacted fellow YouTubers such as Marques Bownlee and Jerryrigeverything to find out if they too had Samsung phones in their inventory that had swollen battery power.

Both replied positively, even though they too had Samsung phones at risk. Other Youtubers joined their voices to demonstrate that they had Samsung phones whose battery had started to swell.

Many thought that it was only isolated cases, but it is clear that it seems quite generalized.

This would mainly affect old Samsung phones, but Arun Maini also saw the batteries of their Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy S20 FE swell in this way.

Why do Samsung batteries swell and what to do?

For the moment, Samsung remains silent and has not published any press release on the subject of the batteries of its phones which swell.

The current hypothesis is that the phenomenon would occur mainly on unused phones due to deterioration of the lithium battery.

When not in use, the battery components break down and cause a chemical reaction which produces a gas and thus causes the battery to inflate until there is a risk of it exploding.

Thus, if you have an old unused Samsung phone lying around in a drawer or cupboard somewhere, it would be wise to recycle the device by bringing it to an Ecocentre or to an electronics retailer who recycles the components of devices.

Watch Arun Maini’s video on the phenomenon

Main image credit: Arun Maini