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Why you should update your iPhone, iPad, Mac quickly – Belgium iPhone

Apple has warned of a serious security risk affecting iPhones, iPads and Macs. This flaw could allow hackers to access your bank accounts, photos, and emails.

As you know, there is a major security loophole to control iPhone, iPad and Mac. The Cupertino firm acknowledged the issue in new security reports and admitted it was aware “that this issue may have been actively exploited“. It is important to install security updates. Here’s why.

An open door for espionage

The people with the most vulnerable devices are the people in the light. These are mainly politicians, activists, or even journalists. “These people need to update their devices as soon as possible or they risk becoming targets for nation-state espionage.“, said Jake Moore. Mr Moore is a Global Cybersecurity Advisor at ESET.

In the old version of the operating software, this security flaw was considered zero-day. This means that no fix was available. In the specific case, an application can use arbitrary code with improper access to the device, which means that a hacker can perform actions without any authorization. “This possibility could have been actively exploited” by hackers, says Apple, without further details.

Updating your device is vital

Prevention is better than cure and it is therefore vital to update all devices immediately, which does not take a long time on Wi-Fi. The affected devices according to notices posted on the Apple site are:

  • iPhone 6 and later
  • all iPad Pros,
  • fifth-generation and later iPads,
  • all Macs

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