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Why Turnstile Could Soon Replace Captcha – Geeko

A new technology could well replace the CAPTCHA.

The captcha or CAPTCHA, for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Human Apart, it’s the best Google has found to allow websites to distinguish man from machine. On paper, the idea is rather well thought out: the user clicks on a series of images that share a link between them. A simple but effective operation, the task being too complex for a bot.

Review the formula

Today, Google’s captchas have proven themselves. More than 98% of the websites that use them use those of the Mountain View giant. Only here, by dint of associating images of stairs with other images of stairs, like a toddler who learns that the cube he has in his hand must go into the square slot, the nerves begin to wear out . After more than a decade of ticking boxes, it’s hard to believe that no other method is possible.

Since Google persisted in defending its system, from which it benefits by recovering data, the solution finally came from elsewhere. Specifically, from Cloudflare. The American content distribution network announced on its site that it had managed to develop an alternative. Baptized Turnstile, the system is presented as a “invisible captcha”. That is, the system automatically chooses from a series of non-browser-intrusive challenges, based on telemetry and client behavior during the session”.

Privacy and free

Beyond the automatic aspect of the process, Cloudflare specifies, in its press release, that the system is above all respectful of privacy. A string that has become increasingly sensitive for Internet users. Concretely, this means that the data is analyzed by Turnstile, but is neither collected nor stored by the American company.

Additionally, the technology is accessible to everyone at no cost. By making its device free, Cloudflare is on an equal footing with Google and intends to recover shares from the Silicon Valley giant. Still in beta version, Turnstile could well, in the future, position itself as a real itchy hair on the captcha market.

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