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Why recharging your smartphone less will not lower your energy bill – Geeko

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Faced with the explosion of prices on the energy market, some consumers have chosen to reduce the use of their electronic equipment. If for certain everyday objects, it makes sense, the smartphone represents only a tiny part of the annual bill. Explanations.

It is possible to calculate how much each of your electronic devices costs you per year. However, the calculation is not extremely precise since the price of kWh varies during the year and your use of electronic devices also tends to vary. In the case of a smartphone, however, the majority of people tend to charge it once a day.

To perform the calculation, you will need three main data: the price of the KWh at your energy supplier, the power of your smartphone charger and the complete charging time.

Don’t panic if it scares you to do the research, we have researched the kWh prices for you from the main energy suppliers. At the end of August, these were around €0.38 at Engie, €0.52 at Luminus and €0.42 at Mega Comfy.

As for the charger, you will find this information quite easily on the Internet. On our side, we have chosen to use two data: a recharge of 1h30 with a 20W charger and 20 minutes with a 150W charger. Concretely, you will have to carry out a multiplication as such: 25(W)*1.5(h of recharge)=37.5Wh. That is 0.0375kWh. In the case of the 150W charger, the calculation is as such: 150(W)*0.33 (hours of charging)=49.5Wh. That is 0.0495kWh.

Multiply this total by 365 to get the annual total. That is 13.6875kWh for the 20W charger and 18.0675kWh for the 150W charger.

At the August 26 tariff, the annual amount at the various energy suppliers would therefore revolve around:

  • 13.6875*0.38=€5.20 at Engie
  • 13.6875*0.52=€7.12 at Luminus
  • 13.6875*0.42=€5.75 at Mega Comfy

for a smartphone with a 20W charger.

  • 18.0675*0.38=€6.87 at Engie
  • 18.0675*0.52=€9.40 at Luminus
  • 18.0675*0.42=7.59€ at Mega Comfy

for a smartphone with a 150W charger.

Recharging your smartphone therefore represents a budget that varies between 5.2 and 9.4€ per year. This price varies according to the model you use, the frequency of recharging and the energy costs of the moment. A price that ultimately remains very low and on which it is difficult to cut corners.

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