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Why Jean-Pierre Foucault is rare on television

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Jean-Pierre Foucault is one of the most emblematic and popular animators on the French small screen. But after more than 50 years of career, the famous presenter is becoming increasingly rare on television. In an interview with Europe 1, Jean-Pierre Foucault explains why he made the decision to move away from TV sets.

After hosting famous shows like “Who wants to earn millions” or “Intervilles”, Jean-Pierre Foucault has slowed down the pace in recent years. Currently, the 74-year-old host presents only two programs: the Miss France competition and the Loto draw. In an interview for Europe 1, he explains: “I have practically stopped television. I still have the animation of the Misses and the Française des jeux. But for the rest, I wanted to quits.”

Jean-Pierre Foucault says he has no regrets about his decision to step away from TV shows. “Life is good. When I watch TV, I don’t say to myself ‘Oh, I want to be there’. I’m happy as I am”, he assures the microphone of Europe 1 radio. However, the host does not yet intend to retire definitively: “Don’t worry. I’ll make the decision myself when it’s time to make it! As long as I can do my job, I will do it.”

The death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut

The 74-year-old presenter also says he was very marked by the death of TF1 journalist Jean-Pierre Pernaut, who succumbed to lung cancer last March. “We are associated so much that since his death, I have not stopped receiving messages, text messages of sympathy and condolences. It’s true, we were from the same family”, explains Jean-Pierre Foucault.


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