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Why did Queen Elizabeth II always wear bright colors?

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An unforgettable style composed of bright colors. Queen Elizabeth II clearly did not go unnoticed! She will forever be known to be a monarch to life and wardrobe tall in colors. On this subject, she had also explained her very assumed tastes in terms of clothing.

In the biography “Our Queen”, the author Robert Hardman relay his words.My favorite remark of the queen was : if I wear beige, no one will know who I am.“So the reason is clear: the Queen wanted to be easily spotted in the crowd.She will not attend an engagement in a green place, such as a racetrack or a garden party, in camouflage green. But she’ll happily roll out the green to stand out where needed.“, had also added, Sali Hugues, a royal journalist in his book “Our Rainbow Queen”. The bet has therefore been successful for the queen who is today unforgettable with her “Color-block” style.


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Strong messages through her wardrobe

Beyond the bright colors, the queen’s clothes were very often a way for her to convey strong messages. For example, when she sported an Irish shamrock or a Canadian maple leaf during an official visit. A very elegant way to honor your guests. Moreover, a rumor claimed that she used her iconic Launer bag, of which she would have had more than 200 copies, to send secret signals to her team. Full of mystery, Elizabeth II.

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