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Why cell phone overheats? And what to do to cool it down and avoid malfunctions

If your phone is overheating while you are using it and you do not understand why, know that there are reasons for this phenomenon. This excessive overheating may be due to internal damage or inherent malware issues. Here are some solutions to fix it.

Overheating a mobile phone could damage it and affect its performance. Therefore, it is first necessary to locate the origin of this problem before solving it.

Why is your phone overheating?

The reasons why your phone is overheating can stem from several factors.

– Many applications are open at the same time on your phone

Multitude of applications

Multitude of applications – Source: spm

One of the most common habits among smartphone users is the tendency to open multiple apps at once. Downloading a game, watching a video, consulting the gallery, talking on Messenger and WhatsApp and checking your bank account at the same time, is a recurring but dispensable habit. On top of that, there are network functions like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth that stay on as well as apps that run in the background. This multiplicity of simultaneous tasks is likely to become cumbersome for the phone to manage and cause it to overheat.

– The phone does not support large volumes of information

Another reason why your phone is overheating is that several outdated cell phone models were not provided for to handle a large amount of data transfer and calls. So consider investing in more efficient devices; many are excellent value for money.

– The phone is used excessively

Excessive phone use

Excessive phone use – Source: spm

If manufacturers consider users’ needs before putting their device on sale, excessive use of the phone undoubtedly leads to overheating. And for good reason, most users are not satisfied with a few minutes using their device. They spend endless hours watching videos, spending time on Instagram or playing games.

– The phone is overheating due to some rogue apps

Among the causes of overheating of smartphones, we denote malware, fraudulent applications or applications that run in the background.

The gestures to cool your phone are very simple and only take a reflex to adopt:

– Close unused applications by the phone

If you have apps open but inactive, you should close them to prevent the phone from overheating and reduce energy consumption.

– Avoid overusing your phone’s battery

The battery heats up more if you charge your phone in the wrong way. Avoid using the phone while it is charging. It is also not recommended to leave your phone charging overnight. You can also act on the level of luminosity keeping it at an optimal or weak state. Don’t always give in to the urge to crank up the brightness to the max because that alone can cause your device to overheat.

– Use the phone’s airplane mode

Airplane mode is an option that should not be hesitated to use when you don’t need the full feature set of the phone or when charging your phone. This helps to cool it down.

– Remove the case from your phone

It seems quite surprising, but the simple fact of keeping the case on your phone contributes to its overheating. And for good reason, this accessory does not help the device to breathe. If you just remove the case in hot weather for example, your phone cools down faster.

Also consider keeping the device out of direct sunlight, moderating resource-intensive gaming sessions, and deleting unnecessary apps.

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