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WHO will be the next James Bond? Here are the favorites to embody 007

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Idris Elba would have withdrawn from “several years of discussionwith movie bosses to become the next James Bond, paving the way for a new 007. Henry Cavill, Regé John Page and Tom Hardy are top favorites to play 007.

Bookmakers William Hill have now placed Henry Cavill in the lead with odds of 5/2, Regé John Page at odds of 4/1, followed by Tom Hardy and James Norton both with 6/1 and chiwetel Ejiofor at 7/1.

For years, Henry Cavill confides that he is always interested in the coveted role if an opportunity arises.
He told the sunday Times in 2021 that “time will tell” if he becomes the next actor to take on the iconic role, as Daniel Craig has left the franchise.

It’s unclear which direction they want to take Bond in so I like to say it’s all still on the table“, did he declare.

The Superman star, who was in the running for the role in 2005 when Daniel Craig was cast, speculated who might be up for the part. He stated to QG in 2020 that he “would absolutely jump at the chance” if it presented itself, because he “would love to play Bond” and that “it would be very, very exciting“.

Last year, Rege-Jean admitted he was “flattered” to be included among a host of British stars tipped for the iconic role.

Ah, the B-word. I think if you’re British and you do something remarkable, that other people notice, then people will start talking about it“, replied the star of the Chronicles of Bridgertone to Mirror. However, despite being the favorite of the bookmakers, the actor said he was not going to make any plans to “this moment in history“.

Tom Hardy has confirmed he wants to be the next 007 – refusing to discuss the role for fear he will be blacklisted. Addressing the Daily Beast in 2017, he admitted:If I talk about it, it’s fucked“.

You know, there’s a saying among us in the acting fraternity, and in the fraternity, if you talk about it, you’re automatically out of the running. I therefore cannot comment on this point.

James Norton, the star of Grantchester said it was “crazy and quite flattering“to be seen as a replacement for James Bond – although the fact that he is seen as such is only”pure speculation“.

In 2014, chiwetel Ejioforthe 12 Years A Slave star, was rumored to be the first choice to play 007’s opponent. This allegation was made before Specter was released in November 2015 and Daniel had already signed on to return as Bond for the next one. film.

Idris Elba was the bookmakers’ favorite to replace Daniel Craig as the super spy, but is keen to pursue other roles – and even presented a list of proposed names to producer Barbara Broccoli of actors to play 007.

A source told The Sun:The fans and Barbara wanted Idris, but he wants to create something for himself. However, he came up with names to play 007. He participates “unofficially” in the decision-making process, because he has been in talks with the producers for a long time“.