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Who killed Lady Di? Alongside the verdict of the official investigation, conspiracy theories are well anchored in people’s minds

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On August 31, 1997, the UK, Europe and the whole world woke up in shock. As the hour of the new school year is about to ring, it is amazement, incomprehension and torrents of tears that invade the eyes. In the night, in Paris, Lady Di, the one who was Princess Diana (during her divorce from Prince Charles, it was decided that she lost her title of Royal Highness but that she could continue by courtesy to be called princess) died in a traffic accident in Paris, in the tunnel at the level of the Alma bridge. After a swerve, the Mercedes driven by Henri Paul, director of security at the Ritz – the hotel where the princess dined with Dodi Al-Fayed with whom she then shared her life – ended its race embedded in the thirteenth pillar of the ‘work. The driver and Dodi Al-Fayed die instantly. A bodyguard is seriously injured, Lady Di, released alive, will not survive her injuries and dies in hospital.

First implicated, the paparazzi and their bikers, accused of having caused the accident and indicted, benefit from a dismissal. The investigations will ultimately question the behavior of the driver, his blood alcohol level, his antidepressants and excessive speed. A judicial truth that has not convinced everyone…

The first not to believe it are the families of Dodi Al-Fayed and Paul Henri, the driver. The father of the first is convinced of this: Lady Di was assassinated by the British secret services on the orders of Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth, who did not accept the idea that his grandchildren could have a step-son. Muslim father. “I knew the threats to Diana, we hear it said. The FBI and the CIA (different branches of the American intelligence services, editor’s note) did absolutely nothing to help me. On the contrary, they made every effort to waste our time.” He goes further, saying that 6 months before the tragedy, someone had predicted the exact conditions in which Diana would die: a car accident. He is equally convinced that his son and the ex-Princess of Wales were to announce their engagement on September 1 and that the latter was then pregnant. It was to hide this pregnancy that she was embalmed in Paris without any real official authorization. For him, there is no shadow of a doubt: his son and Lady Di have been murdered.

Mohamed Al-Fayed is not the only one to question the official version of the events that led to the disappearance of the most famous woman in the world at the time. A quarter of a century before the Covid-19 pandemic, conspiracy theories were already out. It is on these “other truths” that the documentary focuses Princess Diana: The Shadow of the Conspiracy proposed this Sunday, August 21 on ABXplore as part of a thematic evening dedicated to the anniversary of the princess’s death.

If Paul Burrel, the butler and confidant of Lady Di for 10 years, affirms that she was not pregnant at the time of her death, he nevertheless questions the conclusions of the investigations into the accident at the Alma bridge . According to him, Diana Spencer would still be alive if the British royal family had not turned their back on her after her divorce. Facts raise questions.

For a former M6 agent of the British secret service, the death of William and Harry’s mother is also a carefully prepared assassination. He wants proof of this from the witnesses who speak of a bright light in the disastrous tunnel just before the swerve. A technique that the British would have already imagined to kill Slobodan Milosevic, the president of Serbia!

There is also this mysterious white Fiat Uno seen coming out of the tunnel a few moments after the accident of the Mercedes… Another question: was the driver Henri Paul drugged before taking charge of his VIP passengers? What happened in the ambulance that transported Lady Di? It took an hour to cover less than 7 kilometres… Was the Mercedes sabotaged?

Bullshit? Your turn to judge.

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