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White Rabbit: a revelation for Extreme Rules

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During WWE Smackdown, the results of which you can find right here, many QR Codes appeared during the show, including one that announces a reveal date.

First, we got a QR Code when Triple H was in the ring talking, which takes us to a video with the Three Little Pigs and the phrase “Let Me In” repeated over and over. A sentence that we know very well, because used by The Fiend and at the end of the video, we can see Huskus the pig from the Firefly Fun House very furtively.

In the arena, a person in a white rabbit costume walked around during the show and even appeared during the live show right behind the commentators, Michael Cole and Wade Barrett.

And finally, we had a video streamed like a 2-bit video game with a white rabbit running around then throwing itself into a hole marked with a purple X that definitely matches PLE Extreme Rules. The hole is then reached by a light or by something inflamed and we have the date of October 8, 2022 as well as the phrase “Demain Soir” then “Feed Your Head” in several languages ​​including French.

See you during the PLE Extreme Rules to know perhaps the end of this rabbit hunt.

Photo credit: WWE