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Which household appliances consume the most?

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With inflation, the price of gas and electricity explodes. To reduce expenses, there are of course renovation and insulation works that will help you in the very long term. But before that, there is already a whole series of actions to adopt to limit the blow of the club each month. Here are the most energy-consuming household appliances, and here’s how to adapt our use vis-à-vis them to lower the energy bill.

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Heating, the main item of household consumption

Before starting the list, it should be remembered that heating accounts for almost 74% of the energy consumption of Belgian households. We are mainly talking about the consumption of natural gas and fuel oil, electricity only represents 3% here. To reduce consumption, avoid overheating this winter. Energy professionals consider that the ideal temperature in a home is 19°C to 20°C in living rooms, and 17°C to 18°C ​​in bedrooms. Each additional degree can represent a 7% increase in energy expenditure. In addition, lowering the heating to 16°C at night (instead of 20-21°C, for example) is enough to save up to €200 per year.

Electrical appliances and lighting appear directly in second place with 13% of total household energy consumption. A good reason to be interested too!

What are the most energy-consuming appliances?

To save energy effectively, you must first know which appliances consume the most. Their consumption is expressed in kWh, and is calculated according to their power and their frequency of use. In the top 5 among the elements that we find globally in everyone, we can quote according to the figures of Call Me Power:

Plasma TV: 450 kWh, standby mode included

Its consumption actually varies enormously, sometimes from simple to triple, depending on the surface of the screen, but also your attendance as a viewer. In addition, it is difficult to separate it from its box, often permanently lit for a question of comfort and updates. It is therefore advisable to unplug it during prolonged absences. If a plasma TV consumes up to 450 kWh, an LED TV only consumes 90 kWh per year.

The washing machine: 270 kWh

The trick to consume less? Wash your clothes in the machine at 30°C as long as you can and favor short cycles. Again, opting for a high-performance A+++ washing machine rather than an old model will save you a lot of money.

The dryer: 200 kWh

Leave your clothes to dry in the open air as long as possible. Another trick is to spin the laundry well before drying it in the machine. A heat pump dryer with A+++ power will consume 200 kWh per year (only €50) compared to a heat pump dryer with C power evacuation (€125).

The dishwasher: Between 200 and 250 kWh

Choosing the “eco” mode rather than the intensive program would reduce consumption by almost half. Thoroughly cleaning the filter of your dishwasher also saves energy.

The combi refrigerator (fridge + freezer): Between 150 and 200 kWh

However, there is a big difference between the fridge-combi C with a consumption per year of 500 kWh or €125 and a model with an A+ rating (150 to 190 kWh or €37.50). Whatever the range, care is taken to ensure that the air can circulate freely behind the device. A clearance of at least 10cm behind and above is generally recommended for optimum operation. The ideal temperature is between +4°C and +5°C. We also think about defrosting our freezer. We are talking about an average of 5% savings per year per mm of frost removed. So if 1cm of ice is removed, 50% savings are made (about 30€/year).

Unplug your electronic devices when you are away

It’s a small gesture of course, but it could lower your bill by 15%. At a time of energy sobriety encouraged by the government, it’s time to pay attention to appliances on standby and to turn off power strips when you leave your home. Many devices consume energy even when not in use. This is “standby consumption”, and pressing the little red button is not enough, you have to unplug them. Among the devices concerned, we will mention the television, the computer, the electric toothbrush, the radio or the stereo, the microwave, the toaster, the modem, the coffee maker… For example , a permanently lit box consumes as much as a refrigerator in a year.

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