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Which beer has just been voted the best pilsner in Belgium?

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The reputation of Belgian beers is second to none. In the country, there are more than 400 breweries and more than 1,500 brands of beer. Belgian beer is also listed as a World Heritage Site. Among the many varieties of beer, pilsner is without doubt one of the most widespread in the world, and the one that has enjoyed the most success. It is recognizable by its light and limpid blond color and its low alcohol content. In Belgium, one pilsner in particular seems to have unanimous support from connoisseurs for the second year in a row.

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Two titles in a row

The World Beer Awards, given each year to more than 2,500 beers from 55 countries in different categories, unsurprisingly offers many awards to Belgium each year. Among the prizes awarded, that of the Best Pilsner in Belgium went for the second year in a row to the Bavik Super Pilsner. A source of pride for Brasserie De Brabandere, especially since it is rare for the same beer to win the title two years in a row. Other beers brewed by this brewery founded in 1894 include Kwaremont, Wieze Tripel, Wittekerke and Petrus Sours. Their key words: traditional know-how, authentic ingredients and a lot of love of course!

Among the international jury, there are great beer connoisseurs and journalists from around the world who play the game of blind tasting to determine the best beers that exist. Good news, this award means that Bavik Super Pils will also be a representative for the title of Best Pilsner in the World.

What about the best blonde?

As for the blond beers, it’s the Demi de Mêlée, “a 5.9% blond beer which was developed for the French market, but which also has many fans in Belgium”, which obtained the title of the best blond beer in Belgium. It is thus ahead of the great Belgian blond beers such as Duvel or Blonden Os. A consecration all the greater as it is the first time that the Scrum Half took part in this international competition.

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