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When the iPhone 14 automatically calls emergencies in the roller coaster…

In the United States, the emergency services (911) received several calls from amusement parks. These were not accidents, but simply iPhone 14s which had interpreted the movements of the roller coaster as collisions, causing automatic calls to the emergency services.

While some are ready to cause accidents to test the collision detection function and the emergency call of the iPhone 14, others suffer it in an inopportune way. This is revealed by the very serious wall street journal who reports that rides like roller coasters have caused a number of emergency calls (911 in the US).

Fortunately, there was no accident in the roller coaster, but it was simply the accident detection function that was triggered, probably due to speed, sudden changes of direction and too strong shaking. The daily cites the examples of Kings Island and Dollywood amusement parks with emergency calls made from an iPhone 14 or the new Apple Watch.

When the iPhone 14 was released, Apple unveiled an explanation video on this accident detection function. © Apple

Airplane mode to the rescue

At Kings Island Park, located in Ohio, six times the emergency call went off in the roller coaster. In Dollywood, Tennessee, site officials put up signs warning owners of iPhone 14s and the latest Apple Watch, asking them to go upstairs without their smartphone or watch.

On the side of Apple, it is explained that this system is “extremely precise” and that it incorporates a function to allow users to report “false” alerts. Until it is generalized, the best solution remains to put your smartphone in Airplane mode when taking your place in the attraction, then to reactivate the connection when descending.