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When Mario goes into a spin, the game becomes prohibited for those under 18 [vidéo]

Mario may be one of the most iconic heroes in video games, but he also sometimes has bad days. This is what this creator tried to explain in his own way through a video as successful as it is disturbing.

Made using the tools of the Unreal Engine 5, this video presents an alternative version of the Mario that we all know. Nintendo’s hero here is much more realistic, but also more “dark”. Prepare yourself psychologically, you’re probably not ready for that.

When Mario slips up after having a bad day

Mario is a cult character who has accompanied the childhood of many players since its creation by Shigeru Miyamoto and its first appearance in 1981 in the game Donkey Kong. The rest is history, with popularity unabated, to the point of seeing the NES version of Super Mario Bros selling for $2 million.

In 40 years, the graphics of Mario have evolved a lot, while remaining faithful to the original spirit of the game and without ever trying to be ultra-realistic. At least until today when a fan of the franchise used his technical skills to create this version of Mario prohibited for those under 18.

If you like Nintendo games, you might have already imagined what a Zelda, Pokémon or Mario could look like with graphics worthy of a PS5 or Xbox Series X. That’s exactly what it is. had fun making YouTube channel Funkyzeit using the awesome Unreal Engine 5, the latest version of Epic’s video game creation engine. The result is simply stunning.

The video presents this creation to us, which is more of a technical demonstration than a real game. As you can imagine, Nintendo will never validate this type of project, which is far too far from the “all public” image of Mario.

We see our valiant plumber in a fairly classic Mario level, with the difference that the textures, lights and shadows are much more detailed than what Nintendo has accustomed us to. We let you discover the rest so as not to spoil the pleasure (or the trauma) of seeing Mario in this state.

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