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When luck smiles: he wins a million euros in EuroMillions…twice

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We’ve all dreamed of it: winning a million euros. This French father, he did it twice. Winner of the ‘My Million’ game in 2020, this Frenchman continued to play this European lottery program. Two years later, he touched up the jackpot.

The first time the man became a millionaire, he didn’t really believe it. “I won just as the lockdown was coming out. In fact, you just receive an email telling you that you have won a large sum and to contact someone at La Française des jeux. I went to check on Internet where I saw that indeed I had won ‘My Million’. At first I didn’t really believe it […] I took some time to contact the FDJ”, he explains to our colleagues from Dauphiné.

Two years later, another thing for the father of the family who learns the good news on a special day. “I found out the day I remarried my wife. The ceremony took place in the morning and the party in the evening. When I took my dog ​​out, I went to check my EuroMillions tickets in a tobacco shop, and it That’s when I realized that I had won a second time. We announced it to our children by telephone. The party was very successful!”

After winning his first win, the French still continued to play. “I continue to play because now I know we can win. Purely statistically, I consider that I have neither more nor less chance of winning today than before. And even if I no longer win , it will remain a profitable operation! Now, I am in the logic of never two without three!”he explains to the Dauphiné.