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When CM Punk’s music rings out during RAW…

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No, CM Punk wasn’t on RAW last night, but viewers got to hear his entrance music during the red show.

During the match between Johnny Gargano and Chad Gable, the television channel that broadcasts RAW in the United States (USA Network) broadcast a commercial break at the beginning of which we could hear Cult Of Personality by Living Colour, music known to fans as CM Punk’s theme song:

On purpose or not, this funny moment has made many fans react on social networks, especially in this period when the former champion of AEW is talking a lot about him.

A thought also to all the people who were only listening to the show at that time and who believed in the return of CM Punk for a short time… This was the case for example for Top Dolla from Hit Row who says this on Twitter:

“Went to the kitchen just before the commercial and heard ‘Cult of Personality’, almost dropped my food running into the living room.”

Photo credit: Scott Lesh Ringside Photography