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When “C to you” compares Cyril Hanouna to a parasite

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In the daily zapping broadcast in “C à vous”, the editing succeeded in conveying a pinching message for the host of “Touche pas à mon poste”.

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“C à vous” presents its daily zapping every evening. During the show on Tuesday, October 25, the proposed zapping succeeded in sending a harsh message to Cyril Hanouna.

Zapping is known for doing a tour of television news, based on carefully selected excerpts. It is not uncommon to guess messages in the zapping montage. This time, it’s the host of ” Do not touch My TV who was the target.

The zapping begins with images of the funeral of little Lola, this young girl found dead in France. The images come from the television news of TF1 then France 2. As the voiceover is heard declaring: Lola’s parents had asked that the ceremony take place with respect and dignity “, the montage then continues on the comments of Cyril Hanouna who describes Dahbia B as “presumed guilty”.

The zapping then resumes the story of a man cleared in Norway after DNA tests. In the excerpt, we hear: He and his loved ones suffered unimaginable harm “. Once again, the controversial remarks of Cyril Hanouna follow one another. The host has for several days been accused of making political recovery and trivializing the remarks of the far right with the drama of the death of Lola.

And then all of a sudden, the zapping cuts to an excerpt from a show about plants. In the sequence, we hear the following comment: the parasitic plant has developed for 5 years inside its host. And its monstrous bud continues to feed on it “. Finally, the zapping takes up a last excerpt from Cyril Hanouna which is addressed to Mr. Dupont Moretti: “ I say it again Mr. Dupont Moretti, I say it again to all the lesson givers, I say it again to all those who write editorials and who post on social networks, to all the well-meaning people who are for me the “evil thinkers”, they are today responsible for the society in which we live. They are for me all responsible for all the dramas that we live “.

An effective montage that visibly translated the thoughts of the guests on the set from “C to you”. Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine then responds with a simple: You undermined it there “.

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