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WhatsApp offers a dedicated app on PC – Geeko

Good news for WhatsApp users: the new version of the application for Windows is out of beta. It can now be downloaded via the Microsoft Store.

Windows users can enjoy a new WhatsApp application that does not require logging in to their smartphone first. The messaging service had already been available on the desktop, as a desktop version, for years. But, a small negative point, you first had to connect to the application on your smartphone to access it. Since yesterday, following a new update, the desktop application becomes a standalone application. Users will therefore be able to send and receive WhatsApp messages, even when their smartphone is offline.

The new WhatsApp app for Windows is available for download, in beta, from the Microsoft Store. Once downloaded, you will still need to connect your main WhatsApp device by scanning the QR code. Just once. Chats remain encrypted end-to-end. Note that a native WhatsApp Desktop application for Mac operating systems is currently in development.

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