WhatsApp backups can be imported: it was about time!

SocialA feature that users have been waiting for will soon be implemented on WhatsApp: the ability to easily import a backup thanks to the new “Export backup” option. This is a significant step forward, as it will be possible to recover chat and media without having to activate a Wi-Fi connection or have the application automatically create a local backup. Before getting to the heart of the matter, it may be useful to consult our guide on how to send a WhatsApp message to several contacts at the same time. Going back to backup, however, the new option is still under development. Therefore, at this time, it is difficult to speculate on a launch time. The feature, however, was discovered through the WhatsApp Beta update for Android (version While waiting to learn more about this future feature, we emphasize, once again, that soon WhatsApp will implement access to account status updates directly from the chat list. Indeed, a blue circle will appear around the icon associated with the account, indicating the presence of a status update. Of course, the states will still be visible in the dedicated section of the application.

Apart from that, the developers are also working on group management. In this regard, an option will soon be activated that will allow you to access the list of participants who intend to join this particular WhatsApp group. This will facilitate the decision whether or not to allow the entry of new components. This is particularly useful, especially for WhatsApp Business groups. The application therefore tries to enrich itself with new functionalities in order to guarantee users an ever more efficient and above all practical user experience.