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What you need to do before Dragonflight arrives!

Put some order in the Shadowlands before leaving

It will no longer be possible to obtain the meta achievement “Return from the Beyond” nor the title sailwalker. Most of the required achievements can be obtained without help and you will be able to use raid tool for all those who obtain themselves in raid. For Mythic Dungeon achievements, you’ll need a group and an average item level of at least 250.

To leave is to die (or kill) a little

Senior Shakes

The achievement Shadowlands Raid Fatalities (and its rewards) will disappear upon exiting Dragonflight. This achievement grants the mount Senior Shakes (in normal mode), the title Hero or Heroine of fate (in heroic difficulty) and teleporting to raids from shadowlands (in mythic difficulty).

You will take a few crabs before leaving

Carcinated Zereth Charger

Carcinated Zereth Charger

Frame Carcinated Zereth Steed, which is obtained as a quest reward after defeating the Jailer on Heroic difficulty or higher, will no longer be available. The Jailer is the final boss of the Founders Sepulcher in Zereth Mortis. To take on Zovaal, you’ll need a raid of 10 people with an average item level of 275 or higher if the raid is fateful.

Catch the stars

Earn Achievements We are all made of stars in heroic and mythic difficulty (available in fateful raid or not) while there is still time. Gather your companions to defeat Rygelon in the Sepulcher of the Founders while all players benefit from the effects of herald of the cosmos. No one must die in battle, otherwise you will fail. But do not worry ! Unlike previous achievements Immortal or Immortalit is possible to reset the fight to try again.

Rated PvP Season 4 Achievements and Rewards

Soul Eater mount and Gladiator or Eternal Gladiator title

The days are numbered for the mount Gladiator’s or Eternal Gladiator’s Soul Eater and the title of gladiator or eternal gladiator. To get them, you will have to climb to the top of the leaderboard and win 50 matches in 3v3 at the Elite rank.

Weapon Illusion: Eternal Flow

If you want to get the “Eternal Flow” weapon illusion, it’s not too late. This illusion is obtained by reaching a rating of 2100.

Season 4 Elite PvP Armor Set

The full Season 4 PvP Elite Armor Set transmog comes at a rating of 2100.

To be collected before the Dragonflight pre-launch update

Hurry to Get Mythic+ Achievements and Rewards Before the Pre-Launch Update Dragonflight If it’s not done yet.

Season 4 Mythic+ Achievements and Rewards

Death Walk Restoration

Death March Restoration

Death March Restoration

Since the death of Jailer Zovaal and the advent of the new Arbiter, the Shadowlands are gradually regaining their Grand Design. Recognizing the crucial role heroines and mortal heroes have played, some deadwalkers agree to serve as their mounts. To get the mount death march Restoration it will be necessary to reach the rating of 2,000 in mythic +.

Terminus, everyone passes away

The reward for completing a level 20 or higher mythic key within the time limit that grants access to teleport to Grimrail Depot, Iron Docks, Operation Mechagon, Return to Karazhan, and Tazavesh will no longer be available after the end of season 4.

Difficulty increased when exiting Dragonflight

Before joining the world of the living (and the Dragons), be sure to collect all the rewards below, as they will be more difficult to obtain after the launch of Dragonflight.

All raids from shadowlands will become fateful until the end of the expansion when the pre-release update of Dragonflight will be deployed. These mounts will be more difficult to collect, but there will be two to collect from each boss until the launch of Dragonflight.

At launch, the spawn rate of Reins of Vengeance obtained when Sylvanas is defeated on Mythic difficulty and from Fractal Cipher of the Overseer of Zereth obtained when the Jailer is defeated on Mythic difficulty will be greatly reduced. It will no longer be possible to recover only one mount (instead of two currently).

Reins of Vengeance



Vengeance has served Sylvanas faithfully and will be just as faithful to you if you can defeat the Dark Lady. It will take a party of 20 with an average item level of 278 or higher to take on Sylvanas in Sanctum of Domination on Mythic difficulty.

Fractal Cipher of the Overseer of Zereth

Fractal Cipher of the Overseer of Zereth

Fractal Cipher of the Overseer of Zereth

Enigmatic and distant, this assemblage of the Founders flies on an elegant current of perfect geometric understanding. To obtain this mount, gather a party of 20 and defeat the Jailer in the Founder’s Sepulcher on Mythic difficulty. We recommend that party members have an average item level of 265 or higher.