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What would the Simpsons look like in real life?

An artist posted on TikTok a series of three videos showing the different characters of the series The Simpsons reimagined as if they were real people. The particularity is that the images are generated by an AI from a simple written sentence. The result is rather frightening.

You’ve probably seen the creations of artists on social networks who try to imagine what the Simpsons would look like in real life. However, one artist took it a step further and had artificial intelligence (AI) recreate them as real people. The results are mostly eerily realistic and somewhat creepy.

Artificial intelligence has made tremendous progress in recent years through deep learning, or deep learning in English. By relying on neural networks, AI develops its own algorithms to perform a task by repeating it in a loop, without prior information on how to proceed. For his project on the Simpsons, artist Milan Jaram called on AI from the Midjourney research laboratory.

Discover the Simpsons as they might appear in real life, imagined by an AI. © Milan Jaram, Midjourney

Images generated from a simple sentence

This AI is similar to Dall-E from OpenAI or Imagen from Google Brain. Just enter a phrase indicating the desired content and style, and the AI ​​will generate the image. Milan Jaram featured his images in three videos posted on his TikTok account The artist did not stop at the Simpsons, and transformed other cartoon characters like the Flintstones or Naruto. He also turned celebrities into cartoon characters.

Artificial Intelligence is now available in open beta on their Discord server, accessible from the Midjourney website. It is also possible to invite the Midjourney bot directly to your own Discord server so you can have fun creating your own images. Find the other two videos in the series, below.