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What will change on Facebook in August – Geeko

New tabs, more accounts and even more recommendations: here are the changes to expect on Facebook for the month of August.

Two new tabs on the app

Facebook will adopt a new algorithm to look even more like TikTok. It should allow users to have more control over the content they can see and experience. Concretely, the social network will offer two different tabs: Home and Feeds. The first is a kind of discovery engine and the second will allow the user to see the publications of the pages, profiles and groups he follows. The latter will also offer suggestions of pages and profiles to follow according to the preferences of the user.

Have more accounts for one profile

Soon it will be possible to create multiple profiles from a single account. And more precisely, five profiles on the same account. For these “bonus” profiles, it will be possible to use pseudonyms. However, they will remain subject to the platform’s regulations prohibiting false declarations and impersonation of public figures. For their main account, each user will always have to specify their real identity.

A slew of recommendations

“Recommendations” are posts from profiles that the user does not follow or are not on their friends list. Their goal is to help users “discover new communities and new content,” says Facebook.

Currently, 15% of the content displayed on Facebook is selected by an algorithm. By the end of the year, the referral rate should double. This was announced by Mark Zuckerberg following the publication of financial results during a conference call with investors. And all this should be done gradually…

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