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What will change for Proximus and Voo customers in November – Geeko

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New HD channels, accelerated surfing speed, 5G, here is everything that will change for Proximus and VOO customers in November.

Accelerated surfing speed for Voo customers

The connection speed increases from 400 to 500 Mbps for all Voo Business and Giga Max customers who do not yet have fiber access (1Gbps).

Remember, the operator announced the switch to 1Gbps for all its residential and B2B customers on August 17th. Only here, not everyone is yet equipped to take advantage of it and for others, so there is this slight speed gain announced.

3 Italian channels and 1 English channel switch to HD at Proximus

No big news in Proximus’ telecoms offer, but news that will no doubt delight the many Italians in Belgium. The Rai 1, Rai 2 and Rai 3 channels are indeed going to high definition.

Until now, the display was limited to SD. From now on, the channels will be accessible in 1920×1080.

A British channel, the BBC, should also switch to high definition at Proximus during the month of November.

Durbuy, the first city in Wallonia to switch to 5G

Durbuy has officially become the first city in Wallonia to be equipped with a real 5G network, operating at 100 Mhz. A first step towards the deployment of 5G throughout Belgium.

To connect to this 5G, you will of course need a compatible terminal.

Note also that while several 5G networks had previously been opened in Wallonia, the operators had been forced to disconnect them under popular pressure, due to anti-5G campaigns which had succeeded in convincing the mayors of the municipalities concerned to oppose these deployments.

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