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“What went through your head?”: little hiccup during the Star Academy bonus

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Third bonus for the “Star Academy”. And what a bonus! This Saturday evening, the candidates still in the running had the opportunity to sing with a philharmonic orchestra led by Matthieu Gonet in person. The former flagship repeater of the show had gone to the castle a few days earlier to be part of the jury for the evaluations of the week.

In turn, the students therefore performed on stage, with guest stars, from Véronique Sanson to Keen’V via Hyphen Hyphen, Zaz, Tom Grégory and Gims. It is also the member of Sexion d’Assaut who opened the ball with Enola and then with Tiana. One moment “unbelievable“, confides the singer who admits to being a “early fan of theStar Academy”“. “It’s fun for me to be herehe said. I am from “Star Ac'” at the time of Jenifer.

Some candidates have, for their part, had the opportunity to sing among themselves. This is the case of Léa and Tiana whose new friendship inspired the production of “Star Academy”. Together, the two young women interpreted “In another world” by Celine Dion. Despite the rehearsals, however, Tiana forgot the first lyrics of the song. A little “hiccup” that did not go unnoticed. “What went through your head? Was there a blockage?“, asks Nikos Aliagas at the end of the performance. “It’s the emotion I think, the stress and everything. I’ve been reviewing it for three days, I know it by heart, and there I was stressed“, answers the youngest of the show.

A few tens of minutes later, it was Carla’s turn to encounter a problem on stage. During her trio with Keen’V and Chris, the young woman was forced to sing with a microphone that did not work…”We didn’t hear you. That’s for sure“, launches Yanis Marshall, the dance teacher. “It doesn’t matter. We continued!“, replies Carla, smiling at her partners.

“They could have done better”

During the evening, the four nominees of the week, Cenzo, Julien, Ahcène and Stanislas presented a solo song. Benefits that did not really convince Michael Goldman, the director of the “Star Academy”. “I think they were unequalhe said to Nikos Aliagas before adding that they “could have done better“.

At the end of the show, a first candidate is saved by the public. This is Julien, the worst candidate of the week according to the ranking established by the teachers. It is then up to the candidates to vote for the one they want to see continue the adventure. Cenzo is the first candidate to be eliminated. Ahcène and Stanislas are tied. Anisha had the heavy task of deciding between them. In tears, the young woman has trouble deciding. “I do not know. I love them both very much“, she said before saving Stanislas”for his progress“. Cenzo and Ahcène are therefore eliminated from the adventure.

“I feel completely lost without him”

In the bus that takes them back to the castle, the faces are crestfallen. “I feel completely lost without him (Ahcène. NdlR)”, launches Lea. At the castle, I don’t know how I’m going to hold on.” Anisha settles down, alone in the back of the bus, far from her comrades. “It s too difficult, confides the candidate to Karima Charni. “These are not things I usually do.“Survivors of this week, Julien and Stanislas are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​returning to the château.”I feel both very proud of myself and I don’t feel like I deserve that. (…) I really do not realize at all. It’s awesome!“, says Julian. “I am very happy and at the same time shared between full of emotions, confides for his part Stanislas. “I feel sorry for Cenzo. We were a trio. It’s a break in the adventure. (…) I will give more to show that I belong here.”