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What state aid is available for installing solar panels?

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What are the advantages of solar panels?

The installation of solar panels presents many advantages, both financial and environmental. Solar panels help you save money on your energy bill by producing electricity for your home and giving you the option of selling it back to EDF for excess production.

Self-consumption premium

The tariff decree of October 6, 2021 details the new conditions for individuals who wish to invest in solar panels.

The conditions for accessing the self-consumption premium

This aid aims to promote the renewable energy production it can be used by individuals or companies wishing to have their own electricity production facility.

  • Only installations that are installed on a roof are eligible
  • The power of the installation must not exceed 100 kWp
  • The installation of photovoltaic panels must be carried out by a professional RGE (Recognized guarantor of the environment)

If you do not consume all the electricity produced with your solar panels, you can resell it at a rate negotiated in advance with EDF.

Tariff for the resale of solar electricity for the 3th quarter 2022
Power (kWp) Buy-back price per kWh
≤ 3 kWp €0.10 / kWh
≤ 9 kWp €0.10 / kWh
≤ 36 kWp €0.06 / kWh
≤ 100 kWp €0.06 / kWh

Reduced VAT rate for photovoltaic panels?

Only installations of photovoltaic panels with a maximum power of 3kWp can benefit from VAT at the reduced rate of 10%.

If your installation of photovoltaic panels is greater than 3 kWp, you will be subject to the 20% VAT rate.

What are the local aids for photovoltaic

Independently of aid or bonuses from the government, at the local level of the regions or departments there is financial aid to encourage individuals or companies to invest in solar panels.

To find out what type of aid you can benefit from in relation to your geographical location, you can contact:

  • The town hall of your place of residence
  • Your County Council
  • Your Regional Council
  • The Info-Energie space closest to your home
  • ADIL (Departmental Housing Information Agency)

From one region to another, the amount of grants can vary considerably.

The EEC solar premium for solar heating

To benefit from the EEC solar bonus, you must combine your solar heating system with a solar water heater. This type of installation has the advantage of saving you money on your hot water bill and gives you access to the CEE premium.

To qualify for EEC aid, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a tenant or owner of a dwelling built for more than 2 years in metropolitan France
  • Call on an RGE professional to carry out the work
  • Work must meet energy performance standards

As for housing, it can be a main or secondary residence.

The amount of the subsidy will be paid to you by submitting a file maximum 6 months after the end of the work.

The Energy saving certificates or energy bonus can be combined with maprimrenov.

To conclude

We’ve looked at some of the different grants and subsidies available to help you save money on your next solar panel installation.

All aids listed are subject to change so don’t delay if you plan to invest in solar panels.