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What happens to your fire and family insurance when you move to a residential care center or assisted living facility?

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Guide-savings.beMoving to a residential care center or an assisted living facility is no picnic. Thus, you must complete and sign many documents. Some of them relate to insurance; fire insurance and family insurance, in particular. Below, explains what you should take into account.

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Those who are moving to a new address must have their fire and family insurance policies changed. But will you still need a fire police? The answer to this question may vary from one healthcare facility to another. This is why it is in your interest to discuss this beforehand with the managers of the residential care centre. In some cases, you must have a fire policy for the building; in other cases, it is not necessary at all. The latter case applies if the healthcare facility has opted for a global policy for all rooms.

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Buy an assisted living facility

For those who have chosen to spend the last years of their life in an assisted living facility, the situation is different again. If you are the owner of the assisted living facility, you are automatically insured. As a co-owner, you are covered by the comprehensive policy, however. This is insurance for the entire building managed by the trustee and which is contracted in the name of its co-owners. It is important to request a copy of this global policy, not only for yourself, but also for your insurer or broker.

As soon as you actually know how your fire insurance works, you should contact your insurer or broker. Explain to him that you wish to reduce your fire policy to the simple insurance of ‘contents’. If you wish, you can extend it with the optional ‘legal assistance’ and ‘theft’ guarantees. In most cases, you will be able to reduce the ‘contained’ sum insured. Indeed, those who move from a house to a residential care center or to an assisted living facility cannot usually take all their belongings with them.

Rent an assisted living facility

If you become a tenant of an assisted living facility, you will still have to pay insurance for the building. This makes sense, because the owner wants his residence returned to him in the same condition it was in when it started. In this case, you must explain to your insurer or broker that you are going to move to a rental assisted living facility. You must also inform your insurer or broker of the layout of your home.

family insurance

You should also find out what type of family insurance policy the residential care center has. If it is a global policy for all residents, you will no longer have to take out one yourself. If there is no global font, you will keep your own font. Inform your insurer or broker about your move. If you didn’t have family insurance and the residential care center doesn’t have a comprehensive policy, you should get one. Indeed, you will live in an environment with many people, which will increase the risk of accidents.

Those who have opted for an assisted living facility will keep their family insurance. However, you must inform your insurer about your move (and therefore your change of address).

Have your contract adapted in time

It is better to have your insurance policies adapted as soon as possible. Indeed, you cannot terminate these contracts as if nothing had happened. This is why you must ask the care facility for a certificate of common fire and family insurance for all residents. On this certificate, the healthcare institution must confirm your new insurance situation and its entry into force. On the basis of this certificate, your insurer or broker may adapt or terminate your policy.

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